News - April/May 2015

I mentioned in the March News that the WTT  Auction had raised a staggering £68,597. Following a final accounting it transpires that the total raised is just over £70, 000. This is an even better result than was first anticipated. Already I have had an offer of a prize for the 2016 Auction. If you can donate an auction lot I am happy to put you in touch with the WTT

As this news page gets updated some rain has, at last, arrived. Hopefully this will restore a little energy to the reduced water flow in our rivers and streams and see fish moving again. Perhaps we had Spring and Summer in March this year?

As 2015  is the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill it is hardly surprising that the Memorial Trust, in his name, has decided to mark the occasion with an increased number of Fellowships. Announced on the 6th of May are 150 Fellowships for 2016, in eleven categories, which include Environment, Science and Crafts. Should you feel that your activities and interests and, more importantly your community, would benefit from a study overseas, then applying for a Fellowship is something which you should give some serious thought to. There are no pre-prescribed academic qualifications required and there are no upper age restrictions.
To view more details and the application process visit

Full marks to the Denbigh and Clwyd Angling Club for their pro-active approach enabling youngsters to try their hands at fishing. The Club has been offering special days to show youngsters what it is all about and included some training in each day. Many clubs want more young members and this is an excellent way to raise and nurture interest. The Bala and District Angling Association has invested in kit especially for young anglers to try their hand. It is, after all, an expensive “loss” if you buy the kit, for a youngster yourself and then find it is redundant! Have a chat with your club secretary and see what your club is doing. The latest offering is a day arranged by the Seiont & Gwyrfai Anglers on the 27th of May. In addition to getting some professional fishing instruction there will also be the chance to have a shot at a clay pigeon. For details visit or call 01248 670666.

Do you support your local rivers trust? If not perhaps the question should be why not? It does not mean that you have to spend money! Most of the trusts can find work for volunteers. What can be nicer than spending a day with like minded people on a river bank? The end product, in addition to a great day out, is an improvement to the local environment and, hopefully, a step towards ensuring future generations can enjoy the same fishing that we do. Google “Rivers Trusts” to find the details for your local rivers trust. On the 15th of April 2015, in his page in the Shooting Times, Chris De Cani suggested that the donations made following water contamination might go to “angling parties”. What could be better than giving such monies to one of the angling trusts?

The announcement that, potentially, 100,000,000 million barrels of oil has been discovered in the Gatwick area has made many folk sit up and take notice. At last some would say! Scotland has “halted the expansion of fracking” by indicating that all future applications for such developments will be rejected. Wales has now given a similar indication with Carl Sargeant indicating a moratorium on fracking. So far so good, if you share a commonly held concern for the underground water table. There is however a fly in the ointment or perhaps I should suggest a fault in the strata! Nothing can be done to retract permissions previously granted, without a retrospective change to the law. Already two Welsh councils have granted permissions for test exploration to take place. One development which must cause concern has the potential to affect the Dee Estuary, passageway for many migratory fish. In 2013 a conditional licence was granted for a process called Underground Coal Gasification. What is it? It involves setting fire to underground coal seams, which are still there in some numbers underneath north Wales, to produce a mixture of gases which are then turned into energy. Whilst it is described as “scientific preliminary work” one might wonder (a) can it be controlled effectively and (b) where will it end; literally? Need I remind anyone reading this that  255 miners remain entombed, in the coal seams, near the village of Gresford! At what cost should we have our energy?    

Natural Resources Wales does get a fair amount of criticism from anglers. The organisation has, however, come to our aid recently. Research by NRW shows that your angling activity does contribute to keeping you fit as a result of all the physical activity involved. It also suggests it is great for building relationships and improving inter personal skills.
So next time you are asked “Where do you think are you off to”? The answer is “I am going to take part in my fitness training!

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