News - March/April 2018

Most of us are aware of impending changes to the UK Data Protection legislation, from May 2018. We are currently investigating whether this might impact on Llŷn Guides and the way we communicate with you.
We treat any information which we might hold with great care and respect. No information is sold or passed elsewhere. As you are aware when emailing you we employ a “blind copy” policy.

Many of the decisions which affect us are made relying on statistics. Whilst not wishing to debate the accuracy of these, you may wish to know where to look at them yourself. Go to:
You will find some interesting trends!


Salmon and Trout Conservation Cymru warmly invite you to their 2018 Annual Seminar


Resolving the Impacts of Land Management on the Freshwater Environment

10am to 3 pm,Tuesday, 3rd of April, 2018
Lantra, Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells

A full programme will be circulated in due course

A light lunch will be provided

RSVP by Friday the 23rd of March to


The WTT eBay Auction takes place between the 9th – 18th March.
There are over 300 lots varying in reserves from £10 to £6000. The latter is a fantastic lot which, if you win it, will see you fishing in the Rio Grande in Chile with a companion for six days! This is inclusive of flights, accommodation, etc.
The sum raised to support the WTT has steadily increased over the last few years. Obviously, it will be interesting to see whether the six figure barrier will be broken in 2018? You can access the auction via the WTT website:

Now open for applications are the WTT Conservation Awards, for which you have until the 30th of July to consider submitting a nomination for one of three prestigious UK awards; which are :
(1) Large Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme
(2) Medium Scale Enhancement Scheme and
(3) Contribution to Wild Trout Conservation.

For full details visit the Trust website:
Of course to engage further with the Trust, in its valuable work with trout, you can always join as a member, again visit the Trust website for details, when you will be kept up to date with news, events and all the trout happenings.

These are now in the hands of the Welsh Assembly Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs , Mrs Leslie Griffiths, for a determination.
One must wonder whether the recent case of Mott –v- Environment Agency in the UK Supreme Court has made it a complicated decision for the Minister. Whilst we await a copy of that decision in more detail, we understand the Supreme Court looked at the right of Government, through agencies such as Natural England and Natural Resources Wales to restrict the activities of those who hold rights in respect of harvesting wild animals. We have no doubt under-simplified this but the devil may well be in the detail – for the Minister!

Should you follow up anything from the website please mention your source.

News - November/December 2017

Natural Resources Wales

The 14th November was the last day for making representations to Natural Resources Wales in respect of the proposed, some would say Draconian proposals, contained in a consultation document which seeks to seriously impact on many aspects of fishing in Wales. The outcries have been many. If implemented, as proposed, it is suggested that in the first instance the restrictions remain in force for ten years. What ever your views are, they should, in addition to anything which you have already done, be conveyed to your MP and AM.

In addition there is a petition you might like to sign, I reproduce it here:-

Dear Friends,
Thank you for signing the petition Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Seatrout a Chance, can you please help once again to spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends? Sometimes people need a little reminder before they sign and their contribution could prove vital to the success of our campaign.
In case you are unaware, there is another petition doing the rounds that contains even more draconian measures than NRWs proposals. We must therefore ensure our petition comes out on top.
600 signatures is a great effort, but we think over 1000 would ring home our message far louder. WE CAN DO THAT IF WE WORK TOGETHER!
Thank you very much,
Reuben Woodford

We each have our own views but, to date, I await hearing from someone to say “what a good idea NRW!”


2017 saw an improvement in the quality of the pike taken during Pike Fest which opened on the 1st of November. The heaviest, verified in accordance with the rules, weighed in at 26 lbs. The runner up had to be content with a (verified) 24.5 lbs. Two of the best pike in recent years. Do not worry if you missed out this year Pike Fest will return to Brenig on the 1st of November 2018.


Following the announcement that Mark Evans had joined us in the Spring News update, I now have to let you know that he has decided that being a Guide is not for him. We wish him well as he sets off in pursuit of another career.


North Wales sees the World Shore Fishing Championships taking place in North Wales, hosted by the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers and Conwy County. The battle will take place between the elite of the World’s shore anglers between the 20th and the 27th October 2018, to find a winning team. This is the 35th Men’s Championship and the 26th Women’s Championship. Many will seize the opportunity to show just what we can provide in the way of fishing – from sea shore to mountain lakes!


Following a dramatic increase in the sums raised by the WTT Auction in early 2017, auction lots are, once again, being compiled ready for the New Year. 2016 saw the sum raised reach circa £52,000 whilst 2017 saw that sum rise to £70,000. Naturally thoughts turn to the hope that, before very long, that sum will reach an undreamed of six figures! If you think you can help by donating an auction lot, please contact the organiser Denise Ashton at In the words of a well-known store “Every little helps”.


Following the success in 2017of the first Country Fair to be held at the Rhug Estate, it will return in 2018. Obviously, the Committee will build on the success of 2017 and be seeking to attract even more visitors to the Show. Book the event in your diary now! The Show will run on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of July.

News - March/April 2017

For those who struggled to work out where the picture was in the Christmas News, I can now reveal the location. It is a somewhat difficult pool on the River Garry, a tributary of the Tay, via the Tummel. Some of you may have seen reference recently of improvement/regeneration works which are scheduled for the Garry. It is a truly beautiful location.


canada geese

A question which cropped up the other day as to whether fisheries can be protected from the damage Canada geese may cause. The simple answer is “Yes”. Under the terms of the General Licences, issued via the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and now administered by Natural Resources Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, they come within the same categories as carrion crows, magpies, etc., and may be culled to prevent disease, damage, etc., at “fisheries or inland waters”. No application is needed to NRW. However if you are plagued by cormorants, goosanders, mergansers, etc., there is a separate application process for a licence.

Contact your NRW local office for guidance.



The 1st of April sees considerable changes to the licensing process. Any licence issued, following that date, will run for one year and not terminate, as at present, on the 31st of March. The changes see youngsters benefit in a move planned to increase participation in the sport, with licences for 12 -16 year olds being free of charge. This still has to be applied for online, but as a “free” licence. There are changes for coarse and non-migratory trout fishermen, now being able to use up to three rods. That said, please ensure you specify when buying your licence you need it for 2 or 3 rods. Why? They are priced differently. Should you wish to fish with four rods then you need two licences. The salmon and sea trout licence, once again, fails to mention that you are covered for coarse fish – you are definitely covered!

The information sent out by the Environment Agency includes information which describes the Calverton Fish Farm as “one of the jewels in our crown”. No mention is made of hatcheries in Wales, of course!


medwyn roberts

A day to commemorate the late Medwyn Roberts has been arranged, courtesy of Dwr Cymru. The 16th of September will see twelve anglers fishing at Llyn Celyn. Medwyn had a particular fondness for the area and sadly, when taken ill, could not return to fish the lake as he planned, before he passed away. The angler taking the heaviest fish, of any species, will be presented with a small commemorative shield by Mrs Anne Roberts. The fee for the day is £20, with 50% being donated to St Kentigerns Hospice.

For further details please email




llyn padarn

After making much of the publicity of a large shoal of Arctic Char heading upstream from Llyn Padarn recently, those who have environmental concerns about the lake, received some worrying news. The Environmental Regulator for Wales has now given permission for a hydropower scheme to go ahead, An earlier application to discharge water into Padarn was withdrawn, following concerns by NRW about the management of the scheme and its day to day operation.

A fresh application in October 2016 has now been granted with NRW saying that “strict conditions have been attached to the permits to protect the environment”.

Huw Hughes from the Seiont Anglers, expressed his concerns indicating that;“After the long battle to get Welsh water and Natural Resources Wales to accept that sewerage discharges were the cause of Lake Padarn's eutrophication problems. It's unbelievable that that problem was allowed to persist for over 20 years. Now that action been taken, the lakes water quality is slowly improving. This new hydro station will discharge its water onto the lake bed where all the decomposing algae rests and is the cause of the lakes dissolved oxygen problems. These discharges will stir up all this effluent, thereby reversing the lakes gradual improvement. We are convinced that the authorities, especially the Welsh Government, has decided that the Seiont/Padarn system is to be written off as a game fishery for the sake of development”.

Even an objective bystander must be forced to wonder how much more impact Padarn is expected to endure?

Congratulations to the Wild Trout Trust on a highly successful auction, the proceeds from which appear to be in the region of £95,000, up from the 2016 total of £72,000. Lot number 51 caught my eye – it gave the opportunity of meeting crocodiles in the Zambezi River – might put new meaning into getting a bite!!

News - December 2016/January 2017

Click the image above to view it as a PDF

Yet another year has gone by – it seems ever so quickly!
I wonder how many of you got out to fish as often as you promised yourselves at the start of the year? Was it in your NewYear’s resolutions?
To end the year the news page is being updated with one or two items.

Despite some constructive suggestions from the European Anglers Alliance, one in particular suggested that individual countries “can decide what suits them best” the status quo for sea bass remains the same as in 2016.
The EAA website has a considerable amount of information on it.

The 2017 WTT Auction is currently being prepared, with lots going into the catalogue. The auction has grown in size and strength and is the main source of income for this important charity. If you are willing and able to support the work it is possible to offer an auction lot up to the 5th of January 2017.
You can offer a lot by email to
The auction will take place between the 3rd and 12th of March 2017.
The income has increased steadily from over £50,000, to a record figure in 2016. The question is how much more can now be raised? What happens to the money raised? It will pay for:

• basic tools and equipment like chainsaws and waders for the Conservation Officers and volunteers to do their work in the river;

• match funding, to help release more project money from other sources such as charitable trusts;

• bursaries to groups who need kick-start funding for their own projects;

• keeping the team up to date with latest research and helping disseminate this information via the website.

The Trust continues to focus on delivering habitat improvement projects and practical advice, working with fishing clubs and landowners and many other conservation groups to provide in-
depth expertise on river habitat for trout and all wildlife. Their ‘in river’ work varies in scale from a few hundred metres where workshops are run to train volunteers in simple habitat improvement techniques, to creating new sections of river channel over a kilometre long.
In 2015/16, the WTT team of 6 Conservation Officers worked across the UK and Ireland to deliver 123 Advisory Visits, 50 ‘in river’ training events for volunteers and several projects.
The WTT promises to use the money wisely.
Your support can also come from membership – there is strength in numbers! To join, visit the website at
Director Shaun Leonard seeks to extend the work of WTT into Wales. A trial, on the Cleddau in south Wales, has seen a positive result and a firm foundation has been laid.
Of course this is not a one way street! Organisations can enter the process of seeking to win one of the three prestigious WTT Annual Awards, which cover three categories. The categories are:
1. Large-Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme:
A trophy for projects delivered by government agencies, contractors and larger rivers or wildlife trusts.
2. Medium-Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme:
A £1000 prize and trophy for projects delivered by small to medium-sized NGOs e.g. rivers or wildlife trusts.
3. Contribution to Wild Trout Conservation:
A £1000 prize and trophy aimed at amateur community groups (e.g. fishing clubs or other conservation groups).
Keep an eye on the WTT website for the opening of the Awards schedule.

Another organisation planning to undertake more work in Wales is the Angling Trust, with it’s legal arm Fish Legal. Certainly as Wales now has the EA, Forestry and Environment rolled together under the National Resources Wales umbrella, the cover and support provided by this organisation has become crucial. In the organisations latest journal it is made clear that “Welsh fisheries currently face some unprecedented threats”. The Trust plans to “work with Angling Cymru and the three separate national governing bodies in Wales for the good of the sport”.
Not a member yet? Visit

Our colleague Craig Evans AAPGAI, plans to repeat his very reasonably priced “Single Handed Spey Casting Course” in the Spring of 2017. If you would like to improve or extend your skills in this area please let Craig know of your interest.
You can email him at

For those of you who read the small print on your rod licence reminders you will realise that in 2015, from the previous year:-
There was a 2% decrease in rod licences sold
There was an increase of 21% in days fished
There was a 21% increase in salmon caught
There was a 17% increase in sewin caught
Some 78% of salmon and sewin were released

The Angling Trdes Association has indicated that game fishing represents 15.6% of UK market sales, valued at £88.9 m.
With the angling business as a whole valued at £570.4m.
See you in 2017!

News - July/August 2016

My apologies that there has not been a news update for a couple of months. We were travelling westwards across America finally ending up in Vancouver.
This was a trip to catch up with family and friends and also provided an opportunity to make new friends.

National Fly Fishing Month.
This takes place between the 27th of July and the 29th of August 2016. The object of the exercise is to try and get every family member to have a go at fishing. I speak from experience when I say it is indeed an activity where grandchildren can participate alongside their grandparents, often with more success! This event is supported by many individuals and organisations. A collaboration has resulted in a most attractive small booklet setting out sufficient information to get new or “retired” anglers fishing.
For more detail visit

Water Framework Directive.
Inland Fisheries Ireland, having been delegated the task by the Environmental Protection Agency, conducted a survey of fish stocks/water quality in all water bodies in 2014. The report which is available from the site shown below, makes interesting reading which ever country you are based in. The most common species was the eel (91%), the reduction in this species having been a cause for concern in other many areas. Brown trout were the second most common species (81%). Of particular interest was the discovery of perch in a lake where they were previously not known. This has happened in other isolated locations, without apparent cause being discovered. In New South Wales perch have been listed as “Class 1 noxious fish”. Regular surveys, to provide a scientific background, against which to pitch the results, have been undertaken since 2007. Some 60% of river sites were classified as having a “good” or better status. To seek out a copy - click here

Brown Trout in Ireland.
This outstanding publication written by Dr Martin O’Grady et al., is a must for any trout fisherman’s book shelf. Not only is it interesting and enthralling but you could use it as a manual to address issues relating to brown trout. The illustrations are superb. I am surprised that since publication in 2008 it has not found its way into more hands! To seek out a copy - click here
There is little point in my mentioning price with the lower Euro rate – suffice it to say it is both reasonable and well worth it!

To Stock or Not?
A hot potato if ever there was one! During the journey across America I did pick up some further information on stocking and stocking policies there. I am collating this into a page of notes. If anyone is interested, please email me and I am happy to share these with you. Could make the foundation for a Churchill Fellowship in 2017, for which applications are now open - Visit

As we await gathering more knowledge about the consequences or benefits of the decision to withdraw from the European Union, one thought which does occur to me is, “Will that mean we, as a non-European country, will be able to re-visit the stringent rules imposed from Europe, in respect of sea bass fishing”? Whilst I believe we should always take prudent action to conserve our sea bass, the present restrictions do tend to fly in the face of the evidence in respect of bass stocks.
More in due course.

Not surprisingly the question of how bad poaching is in Wales, rumbles on. The April edition of Trout & Salmon published an interview with Emyr Lewis, one of Wales’ most experience fisherman. He also made his professional mark as a bailiff and a fisheries inspector, prior to retiring. Emyr suggested that poaching in Wales continues to be taking place across all catchment areas. The June 2016 edition of the same journal carried a piece by Peter Gough, fisheries specialist at Natural Resources Wales. Peter suggested that there is “no evidence that the large-scale poaching of previous decades exists any longer”. What is the real situation? One thing is certain, if it continues it will never be discovered without observation and intelligence gathering. Should you see something, which you believe to be suspicious, it is imperative that you report it. Do not get involved in a confrontation – it could be dangerous. Report it to NRW on 0800 807 060.
On a good news note, a prosecution brought by NRW is underway following action on the River Dovey. It currently stands adjourned by the Court until the 5th of August.

Monday Club Syndicate.
There is room for another rod or two to join the Monday Club Fishing Syndicate. For details contact me on or call me on 01758 721654.

News - January/February 2016

As we hear and read more about the spread of particularly nasty alien species in our waters, how much thought do we give to bio-security? Recently there are reports of killer shrimps (Dikerogammarus villosus) being found at Pitsford and koi herpes virus found in Worcestershire. In addition the threat of the parasite gyrodactylus, being brought in from Norway, remains. Where do we, as anglers, figure in all these threats? We have to assume responsibility and exercise due diligence across the broad spectrum of the various aspects of our activities.

Many fisheries, particularly caring stillwater fisheries, now have tanks in which to dip your landing nets on arrival and departure. Most have nothing to deal with lines, wellingtons, waders and flies. Should you be fishing where there is no such facility, the following may help in avoiding cross contamination of our waters.

On returning home spray landing nets, waders, etc., with a 15% (by volume) of chlorine, in water. You do not have chlorine? Check out that bleach bottle! This is not a case of more is better! Chlorine has the potential to cause damage to fish gills.This can also be sprayed onto a cloth and your line given a wipe. If cleansing your line, it very important to give a follow up wipe with a cloth soaked well in clean water. You might wish to consider wiping also with “Renew Solution” aka “fish pimp” from Snowbee, or a similar product, to finish the job off. Best to do this wearing surgical gloves, readily available from your local chemist. It is important to do this outdoors, in an area where no damage will be caused to plants or animals. Best course of action with the net, waders, etc., having been sprayed, is to then hose everything well and leave outdoors overnight. On a sunny day the process can be completed by leaving in the sun to provide some UV exposure. Some might argue that line or filament damage may occur. What is more important - a little damage, or cross contamination from infected waters?

Should you be intending to fish in Iceland you will be required to produce a certificate to show that your kit has been disinfected. For assistance with this you might like to check out – email or speak to Henry Mountain direct on 0203 301 2699.

The annual auction lots can now be viewed on line. There is an amazing selection of 298 lots which can be viewed on the ebay charity pages or by using the link from the Trust website at

If you are looking to broaden your fishing horizons did you know that the Wild Trout Trust now has a list of clubs and syndicates which have vacancies, listed on the Trust website. Visit and follow the links.

Continuing with the Wild Trout Trust did you know that you have until the 29th of July to consider submitting a nomination for one of three prestigious UK awards; which are (1) Large Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme (2) Medium Scale Enhancement Scheme and (3) Contribution to Wild Trout Conservation. For full details visit the Trust website. Of course to engage further with the Trust, in its valuable work with trout, you can always join as a member, again visit the Trust website for details, when you will be kept up to date with news, events and all the trout happenings.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has announced the 2017 categories for you to view. They include one for the environment in which you will note the words bio-diversity mentioned. To register an early interest, visit the Trust website and register. In due course you will be advised of the availability of an online application form. The website is at

Sadly no one got this at Christmas 2015. The fishery shown opened in 2015 and is called Ty Bwlcyn Fly Fishery, near Dinas in the Llŷn Peninsula. Nice things come in small packages! To contact email

Should you follow up anything from the website please mention your source.