News - December 2016/January 2017

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Yet another year has gone by – it seems ever so quickly!
I wonder how many of you got out to fish as often as you promised yourselves at the start of the year? Was it in your NewYear’s resolutions?
To end the year the news page is being updated with one or two items.

Despite some constructive suggestions from the European Anglers Alliance, one in particular suggested that individual countries “can decide what suits them best” the status quo for sea bass remains the same as in 2016.
The EAA website has a considerable amount of information on it.

The 2017 WTT Auction is currently being prepared, with lots going into the catalogue. The auction has grown in size and strength and is the main source of income for this important charity. If you are willing and able to support the work it is possible to offer an auction lot up to the 5th of January 2017.
You can offer a lot by email to
The auction will take place between the 3rd and 12th of March 2017.
The income has increased steadily from over £50,000, to a record figure in 2016. The question is how much more can now be raised? What happens to the money raised? It will pay for:

• basic tools and equipment like chainsaws and waders for the Conservation Officers and volunteers to do their work in the river;

• match funding, to help release more project money from other sources such as charitable trusts;

• bursaries to groups who need kick-start funding for their own projects;

• keeping the team up to date with latest research and helping disseminate this information via the website.

The Trust continues to focus on delivering habitat improvement projects and practical advice, working with fishing clubs and landowners and many other conservation groups to provide in-
depth expertise on river habitat for trout and all wildlife. Their ‘in river’ work varies in scale from a few hundred metres where workshops are run to train volunteers in simple habitat improvement techniques, to creating new sections of river channel over a kilometre long.
In 2015/16, the WTT team of 6 Conservation Officers worked across the UK and Ireland to deliver 123 Advisory Visits, 50 ‘in river’ training events for volunteers and several projects.
The WTT promises to use the money wisely.
Your support can also come from membership – there is strength in numbers! To join, visit the website at
Director Shaun Leonard seeks to extend the work of WTT into Wales. A trial, on the Cleddau in south Wales, has seen a positive result and a firm foundation has been laid.
Of course this is not a one way street! Organisations can enter the process of seeking to win one of the three prestigious WTT Annual Awards, which cover three categories. The categories are:
1. Large-Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme:
A trophy for projects delivered by government agencies, contractors and larger rivers or wildlife trusts.
2. Medium-Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme:
A £1000 prize and trophy for projects delivered by small to medium-sized NGOs e.g. rivers or wildlife trusts.
3. Contribution to Wild Trout Conservation:
A £1000 prize and trophy aimed at amateur community groups (e.g. fishing clubs or other conservation groups).
Keep an eye on the WTT website for the opening of the Awards schedule.

Another organisation planning to undertake more work in Wales is the Angling Trust, with it’s legal arm Fish Legal. Certainly as Wales now has the EA, Forestry and Environment rolled together under the National Resources Wales umbrella, the cover and support provided by this organisation has become crucial. In the organisations latest journal it is made clear that “Welsh fisheries currently face some unprecedented threats”. The Trust plans to “work with Angling Cymru and the three separate national governing bodies in Wales for the good of the sport”.
Not a member yet? Visit

Our colleague Craig Evans AAPGAI, plans to repeat his very reasonably priced “Single Handed Spey Casting Course” in the Spring of 2017. If you would like to improve or extend your skills in this area please let Craig know of your interest.
You can email him at

For those of you who read the small print on your rod licence reminders you will realise that in 2015, from the previous year:-
There was a 2% decrease in rod licences sold
There was an increase of 21% in days fished
There was a 21% increase in salmon caught
There was a 17% increase in sewin caught
Some 78% of salmon and sewin were released

The Angling Trdes Association has indicated that game fishing represents 15.6% of UK market sales, valued at £88.9 m.
With the angling business as a whole valued at £570.4m.
See you in 2017!