News - March 2015

As the season is now upon us I would like to wish all who read this page “Tightlines” for the coming year.

Hot off the press is the news that the WTT Auction, which closed on the 12th of March, more than lived up to expectations. With just over £58,000 raised in the 2014 Auction the hope was that £60,000 could be reached. This year the Auction raised a staggering £68,597! Congratulations to the Trust and a very big “Thank You” to all those who put in bids for the auction lots.

GWCT. Bill Beaumont duly arrived at Ruthin Castle and presented those who attended with a copy of his “Salmon Research Report 2013”. This provided a unique insight into the way Bill and his colleagues have been carrying out their research in conjunction with their French colleagues. As with most research Bill may have ended up posing more questions than it is possible to answer! The technology not only counts fish, it also takes photographs of them – how do you classify a pike with a trout in it’s jaws? To request a copy contact the GWCT on 01929 401894 or visit

Natural Resources Wales on the 5th of March published notice of its intention to make an order prohibiting the use of both seine and trammel nets in the Dee Estuary. Objectors have 28 days to do so. Whilst this may affect the boat fishing industry it will, no doubt, be viewed with great optimism by anglers.

A consultation has been launched by the Scottish Government on whether the killing of wild salmon should be outlawed. Views van be expressed until the 30th April by visiting or The proposal includes a tagging suggestion. For those of us who are used to a tagging system overseas it is fairly obvious that this proposal contains elements of “cherry picking” from other systems. My view, expressed publicly when canoeing was a hot potato, is that you cannot take some bits from another system and just make it work! For a well written piece, read the Editorial in the April Trout & Salmon. If you have enjoyed the sheer delight of putting the occasional wild salmon on your table you need to make your views known - or you will be becoming better acquainted with John West tins!

Fish Legal has succeeded in its court action against Yorkshire Water Services and United Utilities. The result means that the law on providing environmental information to the public, et al., must be complied with. Should you require information on the water you use then the water company concerned are obliged to provide it for you.

Once again Natural Resources Wales has got itself into a spot of bother. Admittedly they were between the proverbial rock and a hard place on this occasion, but the result of anti-flood works near Llanrwst, costing over £700K has seen spawning grounds affected. The work took place during the spawning season and has resulted in the removal of spawning gravel, said to be contaminated, with the river now flowing down what looks like a concrete shoot.

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