News - March/April 2017

For those who struggled to work out where the picture was in the Christmas News, I can now reveal the location. It is a somewhat difficult pool on the River Garry, a tributary of the Tay, via the Tummel. Some of you may have seen reference recently of improvement/regeneration works which are scheduled for the Garry. It is a truly beautiful location.


canada geese

A question which cropped up the other day as to whether fisheries can be protected from the damage Canada geese may cause. The simple answer is “Yes”. Under the terms of the General Licences, issued via the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and now administered by Natural Resources Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government, they come within the same categories as carrion crows, magpies, etc., and may be culled to prevent disease, damage, etc., at “fisheries or inland waters”. No application is needed to NRW. However if you are plagued by cormorants, goosanders, mergansers, etc., there is a separate application process for a licence.

Contact your NRW local office for guidance.



The 1st of April sees considerable changes to the licensing process. Any licence issued, following that date, will run for one year and not terminate, as at present, on the 31st of March. The changes see youngsters benefit in a move planned to increase participation in the sport, with licences for 12 -16 year olds being free of charge. This still has to be applied for online, but as a “free” licence. There are changes for coarse and non-migratory trout fishermen, now being able to use up to three rods. That said, please ensure you specify when buying your licence you need it for 2 or 3 rods. Why? They are priced differently. Should you wish to fish with four rods then you need two licences. The salmon and sea trout licence, once again, fails to mention that you are covered for coarse fish – you are definitely covered!

The information sent out by the Environment Agency includes information which describes the Calverton Fish Farm as “one of the jewels in our crown”. No mention is made of hatcheries in Wales, of course!


medwyn roberts

A day to commemorate the late Medwyn Roberts has been arranged, courtesy of Dwr Cymru. The 16th of September will see twelve anglers fishing at Llyn Celyn. Medwyn had a particular fondness for the area and sadly, when taken ill, could not return to fish the lake as he planned, before he passed away. The angler taking the heaviest fish, of any species, will be presented with a small commemorative shield by Mrs Anne Roberts. The fee for the day is £20, with 50% being donated to St Kentigerns Hospice.

For further details please email




llyn padarn

After making much of the publicity of a large shoal of Arctic Char heading upstream from Llyn Padarn recently, those who have environmental concerns about the lake, received some worrying news. The Environmental Regulator for Wales has now given permission for a hydropower scheme to go ahead, An earlier application to discharge water into Padarn was withdrawn, following concerns by NRW about the management of the scheme and its day to day operation.

A fresh application in October 2016 has now been granted with NRW saying that “strict conditions have been attached to the permits to protect the environment”.

Huw Hughes from the Seiont Anglers, expressed his concerns indicating that;“After the long battle to get Welsh water and Natural Resources Wales to accept that sewerage discharges were the cause of Lake Padarn's eutrophication problems. It's unbelievable that that problem was allowed to persist for over 20 years. Now that action been taken, the lakes water quality is slowly improving. This new hydro station will discharge its water onto the lake bed where all the decomposing algae rests and is the cause of the lakes dissolved oxygen problems. These discharges will stir up all this effluent, thereby reversing the lakes gradual improvement. We are convinced that the authorities, especially the Welsh Government, has decided that the Seiont/Padarn system is to be written off as a game fishery for the sake of development”.

Even an objective bystander must be forced to wonder how much more impact Padarn is expected to endure?

Congratulations to the Wild Trout Trust on a highly successful auction, the proceeds from which appear to be in the region of £95,000, up from the 2016 total of £72,000. Lot number 51 caught my eye – it gave the opportunity of meeting crocodiles in the Zambezi River – might put new meaning into getting a bite!!