News - November/December 2017

Natural Resources Wales

The 14th November was the last day for making representations to Natural Resources Wales in respect of the proposed, some would say Draconian proposals, contained in a consultation document which seeks to seriously impact on many aspects of fishing in Wales. The outcries have been many. If implemented, as proposed, it is suggested that in the first instance the restrictions remain in force for ten years. What ever your views are, they should, in addition to anything which you have already done, be conveyed to your MP and AM.

In addition there is a petition you might like to sign, I reproduce it here:-

Dear Friends,
Thank you for signing the petition Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Seatrout a Chance, can you please help once again to spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends? Sometimes people need a little reminder before they sign and their contribution could prove vital to the success of our campaign.
In case you are unaware, there is another petition doing the rounds that contains even more draconian measures than NRWs proposals. We must therefore ensure our petition comes out on top.
600 signatures is a great effort, but we think over 1000 would ring home our message far louder. WE CAN DO THAT IF WE WORK TOGETHER!
Thank you very much,
Reuben Woodford

We each have our own views but, to date, I await hearing from someone to say “what a good idea NRW!”


2017 saw an improvement in the quality of the pike taken during Pike Fest which opened on the 1st of November. The heaviest, verified in accordance with the rules, weighed in at 26 lbs. The runner up had to be content with a (verified) 24.5 lbs. Two of the best pike in recent years. Do not worry if you missed out this year Pike Fest will return to Brenig on the 1st of November 2018.


Following the announcement that Mark Evans had joined us in the Spring News update, I now have to let you know that he has decided that being a Guide is not for him. We wish him well as he sets off in pursuit of another career.


North Wales sees the World Shore Fishing Championships taking place in North Wales, hosted by the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers and Conwy County. The battle will take place between the elite of the World’s shore anglers between the 20th and the 27th October 2018, to find a winning team. This is the 35th Men’s Championship and the 26th Women’s Championship. Many will seize the opportunity to show just what we can provide in the way of fishing – from sea shore to mountain lakes!


Following a dramatic increase in the sums raised by the WTT Auction in early 2017, auction lots are, once again, being compiled ready for the New Year. 2016 saw the sum raised reach circa £52,000 whilst 2017 saw that sum rise to £70,000. Naturally thoughts turn to the hope that, before very long, that sum will reach an undreamed of six figures! If you think you can help by donating an auction lot, please contact the organiser Denise Ashton at In the words of a well-known store “Every little helps”.


Following the success in 2017of the first Country Fair to be held at the Rhug Estate, it will return in 2018. Obviously, the Committee will build on the success of 2017 and be seeking to attract even more visitors to the Show. Book the event in your diary now! The Show will run on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of July.