News - January/February 2016

As we hear and read more about the spread of particularly nasty alien species in our waters, how much thought do we give to bio-security? Recently there are reports of killer shrimps (Dikerogammarus villosus) being found at Pitsford and koi herpes virus found in Worcestershire. In addition the threat of the parasite gyrodactylus, being brought in from Norway, remains. Where do we, as anglers, figure in all these threats? We have to assume responsibility and exercise due diligence across the broad spectrum of the various aspects of our activities.

Many fisheries, particularly caring stillwater fisheries, now have tanks in which to dip your landing nets on arrival and departure. Most have nothing to deal with lines, wellingtons, waders and flies. Should you be fishing where there is no such facility, the following may help in avoiding cross contamination of our waters.

On returning home spray landing nets, waders, etc., with a 15% (by volume) of chlorine, in water. You do not have chlorine? Check out that bleach bottle! This is not a case of more is better! Chlorine has the potential to cause damage to fish gills.This can also be sprayed onto a cloth and your line given a wipe. If cleansing your line, it very important to give a follow up wipe with a cloth soaked well in clean water. You might wish to consider wiping also with “Renew Solution” aka “fish pimp” from Snowbee, or a similar product, to finish the job off. Best to do this wearing surgical gloves, readily available from your local chemist. It is important to do this outdoors, in an area where no damage will be caused to plants or animals. Best course of action with the net, waders, etc., having been sprayed, is to then hose everything well and leave outdoors overnight. On a sunny day the process can be completed by leaving in the sun to provide some UV exposure. Some might argue that line or filament damage may occur. What is more important - a little damage, or cross contamination from infected waters?

Should you be intending to fish in Iceland you will be required to produce a certificate to show that your kit has been disinfected. For assistance with this you might like to check out – email or speak to Henry Mountain direct on 0203 301 2699.

The annual auction lots can now be viewed on line. There is an amazing selection of 298 lots which can be viewed on the ebay charity pages or by using the link from the Trust website at

If you are looking to broaden your fishing horizons did you know that the Wild Trout Trust now has a list of clubs and syndicates which have vacancies, listed on the Trust website. Visit and follow the links.

Continuing with the Wild Trout Trust did you know that you have until the 29th of July to consider submitting a nomination for one of three prestigious UK awards; which are (1) Large Scale Habitat Enhancement Scheme (2) Medium Scale Enhancement Scheme and (3) Contribution to Wild Trout Conservation. For full details visit the Trust website. Of course to engage further with the Trust, in its valuable work with trout, you can always join as a member, again visit the Trust website for details, when you will be kept up to date with news, events and all the trout happenings.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has announced the 2017 categories for you to view. They include one for the environment in which you will note the words bio-diversity mentioned. To register an early interest, visit the Trust website and register. In due course you will be advised of the availability of an online application form. The website is at

Sadly no one got this at Christmas 2015. The fishery shown opened in 2015 and is called Ty Bwlcyn Fly Fishery, near Dinas in the Llŷn Peninsula. Nice things come in small packages! To contact email

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