News - July/August 2016

My apologies that there has not been a news update for a couple of months. We were travelling westwards across America finally ending up in Vancouver.
This was a trip to catch up with family and friends and also provided an opportunity to make new friends.

National Fly Fishing Month.
This takes place between the 27th of July and the 29th of August 2016. The object of the exercise is to try and get every family member to have a go at fishing. I speak from experience when I say it is indeed an activity where grandchildren can participate alongside their grandparents, often with more success! This event is supported by many individuals and organisations. A collaboration has resulted in a most attractive small booklet setting out sufficient information to get new or “retired” anglers fishing.
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Water Framework Directive.
Inland Fisheries Ireland, having been delegated the task by the Environmental Protection Agency, conducted a survey of fish stocks/water quality in all water bodies in 2014. The report which is available from the site shown below, makes interesting reading which ever country you are based in. The most common species was the eel (91%), the reduction in this species having been a cause for concern in other many areas. Brown trout were the second most common species (81%). Of particular interest was the discovery of perch in a lake where they were previously not known. This has happened in other isolated locations, without apparent cause being discovered. In New South Wales perch have been listed as “Class 1 noxious fish”. Regular surveys, to provide a scientific background, against which to pitch the results, have been undertaken since 2007. Some 60% of river sites were classified as having a “good” or better status. To seek out a copy - click here

Brown Trout in Ireland.
This outstanding publication written by Dr Martin O’Grady et al., is a must for any trout fisherman’s book shelf. Not only is it interesting and enthralling but you could use it as a manual to address issues relating to brown trout. The illustrations are superb. I am surprised that since publication in 2008 it has not found its way into more hands! To seek out a copy - click here
There is little point in my mentioning price with the lower Euro rate – suffice it to say it is both reasonable and well worth it!

To Stock or Not?
A hot potato if ever there was one! During the journey across America I did pick up some further information on stocking and stocking policies there. I am collating this into a page of notes. If anyone is interested, please email me and I am happy to share these with you. Could make the foundation for a Churchill Fellowship in 2017, for which applications are now open - Visit

As we await gathering more knowledge about the consequences or benefits of the decision to withdraw from the European Union, one thought which does occur to me is, “Will that mean we, as a non-European country, will be able to re-visit the stringent rules imposed from Europe, in respect of sea bass fishing”? Whilst I believe we should always take prudent action to conserve our sea bass, the present restrictions do tend to fly in the face of the evidence in respect of bass stocks.
More in due course.

Not surprisingly the question of how bad poaching is in Wales, rumbles on. The April edition of Trout & Salmon published an interview with Emyr Lewis, one of Wales’ most experience fisherman. He also made his professional mark as a bailiff and a fisheries inspector, prior to retiring. Emyr suggested that poaching in Wales continues to be taking place across all catchment areas. The June 2016 edition of the same journal carried a piece by Peter Gough, fisheries specialist at Natural Resources Wales. Peter suggested that there is “no evidence that the large-scale poaching of previous decades exists any longer”. What is the real situation? One thing is certain, if it continues it will never be discovered without observation and intelligence gathering. Should you see something, which you believe to be suspicious, it is imperative that you report it. Do not get involved in a confrontation – it could be dangerous. Report it to NRW on 0800 807 060.
On a good news note, a prosecution brought by NRW is underway following action on the River Dovey. It currently stands adjourned by the Court until the 5th of August.

Monday Club Syndicate.
There is room for another rod or two to join the Monday Club Fishing Syndicate. For details contact me on or call me on 01758 721654.