Q. Can you arrange accommodation?
Yes, we can either provide you with a list of suitable, local, accommodation, or we can book something for you provided we have clear and specific instructions. In the latter case the guest remains responsible for any costs involved.

Q. Will I know exactly what I am paying?
Yes, we provide a written quotation for you. You can check that what you have requested is what you will be getting. In this you will also be given a breakdown on cost. To confirm the arrangements you will be asked to return a copy, signifying your approval and agreement to the quotation.

Q. Do you have any interest in selling fishing gear?
No, this is not an area in which we have any interest. We know what we like and, occasionally, might design or modify something if we think it is not readily available.

Q. You refer to “wild” brown trout – are they really wild?
Yes. We use lakes which contain genuine wild brown trout. Some of the mountain lakes which are available to us are far too remote for stocking programmes. There are some locations which do have stocking programmes for various species of trout. The details can be checked in the information sheets we can provide.

Q. Are the mountain lakes accessible?
In respect of each lake you will be advised of the location and how accessible it is. They range from a lake where you can drive to the cafe on the lakeside, to some where you will walk in, carrying your gear. The latter obviously can take a while to get to. The details will be apparent from the information sheets, which provide an OS grid reference.

Q. Can you cater for the disabled?
We try to help anglers with a disability. There are locations which can be accessed by those with disabilities. One location even has wheely boats, moored alongside the road. There are other locations where, if a disabled angler can get into a boat, then we can get the angler to the boat! Obviously this is something which requires a discussion to determine how we can help. We are happy to do this without any obligation.

Q. Can you provide fishing all year round?
We do believe that fishing is a year round activity. That said we are sometimes in the hands of the weather. For example, if grayling fishing is planned and the river is in spate, this is impossible and may even be dangerous. Close liaison is necessary in this situation.

Q. There has been public criticism recently of ghillies and guides who leave anglers, returning several hours later. Do you remain all day?
Yes we do. There may be moments when the guide may not be at your side. Examples of this might be when the guide is getting lunch ready nearby or, if there are several anglers in a party, the guide may be at the side of another angler. You will normally be provided with, an easy to use, personal radio for the day in any event.

Q. Do you teach people to fish?
No. Our aim is to maximise the enjoyment of anglers in getting them on the water fishing. In the event that someone requires instruction to begin fishing, or wishes to be coached to improve any aspect of their technique, then we are happy to make the necessary arrangements with an appropriately qualified coach. If there is sufficient demand we are always happy to arrange a workshop to improve techniques.